Training is empowerment!

The focus of the industry is gradually shifting from mass hiring to talent management. This has led to a reinforcement of energies to enhance the quality of the available resource pool. The need to maintain, upgrade and update skills has never been more critical than it is in the existing claims environment.

Training Programs at INCHES
INCHES Aspire - Assessment, Training and Accreditation

ASPIRE is comprehensive solution of your training needs. With a databank of over 5,000 questions INCHES now offers Assessment of claims team, requisite training and accreditation based on individual performance.

Aspire is an Annual Programme that will peak with internal appraisals (April of each year) and results can be built in to reward team members.

INCHES has over 6000 questions, categorized as per team member's educational background (medico or otherwise) and experience in the claims function.

Aspire includes
  • Initial assessment
  • Planning monthly / fortnightly training session
  • Post training Assessment
  • Multi level accreditation

Training frequency, topics and accreditation levels shall be finalized in due consultation with management.

Training on Demand - For those looking for need based training, we offer training in over 30 different modules, specifically designed with needs of assessors in mind. Additionally, training also can be offered in any subject of client's choice.

Some of our exclusive modules

Life insurance - Understanding death / creating a plan of action / Autopsy / Unnatural deaths / Insights into important investigations and modules covering individual organ systems / ailments to be covered over 2.5 / 5 hr

Health insurance - Understanding a hospital admission (discussed so as to cover both Medical and Surgical claims) / Authorizing a cashless request / Insights into important laboratory investigations / Understanding & /or clarifying conditions in the policy documents especially exclusions - their relevance and ramifications / modules covering individual organ systems /ailments to be covered over 5 hr.

For ASPIRE users, X-CLAIM Knowledge Repository for real time support to assessors