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INCHES MedicoLegal
Expert MedicoLegal opinions

Medico-legal cases are assessed and adjudicated largely on the basis of expert opinions taking into account all facts and variables relevant to the case.

  • Suspected suicide/ homicide
  • Deaths / disability due to accidents (incl 3rd party injuries)
  • Unnatural Deaths (drowning/ hanging/ poisoning/ burns)
  • An already repudiated case represented at a legal forum; a case decided against insurer representing at a higher forum
  • Medical indemnity cases/ Declaration of medically unfit
  • Medical negligence cases
  • Medical Malpractice cases

With in-house expertise in

  • all disciplines of medicine
  • specialists and super specialists
  • forensic medicine expertise
  • doctor cum lawyer on board
  • 20 yr experience of medicolegal aspect of medicine

INCHES is primed to manage complex claims facing an insurer and deliver expert opinions that are medically apt and legally compliant.

Varieties of opinions:

  • Opinions on Justification of Hospitalization +/- appropriateness of treatment given
  • Verification of documents to judge on veracity of symptoms/ treatment
  • In suspect cases - opinions to justify settlement/ repudiation
  • Pre repudiation opinions with an eye on future representation at legal fora
  • Establishing non-disclosure from documents at hand
  • Rationality of treatment given
  • Cause effect relationship between PED (Pre Existing Disease) and ailment at hand