Underwriting Support

INCHES Underwriting Support Services

With term policies back in vogue - in life insurance - and that too with huge sum assured(s); and health insurance quantum going as high as 2 crores per annum, medical underwriting has once again reclaimed it's position. Knowing well enough that clinical medicine is different than insurance medicine, which is more of risk calculation; with this change also comes the need of round-the-clock medical expertise/ consultants to decipher the medical reports vis a vis the specific of the proposal.

We at INCHES, provide virtual clinical expertise that help insurers in deciphering medical facts and medical reports to raise the flags so that the underwriting team can calculate the risk, rationally. It includes, but not limited to

Reporting of tests done at pre-issuance:

  • ECG
  • TMT
  • 2D Echo/ Stress Echo
  • USG
  • Cardiac MRI / Thallium scan
  • Spirometry
  • Other set of reports submitted and their relevance to life span/ potential risk

Opinion regarding potential risk to life vis a vis past disclosures / Pre-Existing Diseases in proposal form.

In health, risk categorization of proposals into

  • Low risk
  • Medium risk
  • High Risk
  • Very high risk

basis proposal forms details, labs and respective investigations done.

* TAT for all the above services is max 3 hours.
** Extended service (12 hours) on large volume days
*** Service available across the globe (all time zones).