Intelli-Claims is an Evidence based Medical Adjudication application!

STGs-N-Analytics – a group company of INCHES has designed a path breaking, IT integrated system developed on established and accepted Standard Treatment Guidelines with Rule based analytics incorporating the entire care pathway and fraud/ abuse triggers driving an intelligent scoring platform to perform medical adjudication of health insurance claims in real time.

Driven by a team of generalist and specialist medicos with an enviable IT team, Intelli-Claims will benefit the health insurance industry in several ways:

  • Address the perennial shortage of well qualified doctors to handle health claims; well-trained non-medico Data Entry Personnel and an insurer specific slider is enough for Intelli-Claims to deliver upto 70% STP results
  • Large numbers of claim handling team giving EXACTLY the same results – unheard of in Health Insurance Claim settlement
  • Reduce time taken to process a claim
  • Contain fraud, abuse as well as leakage
  • Continual update of medical guidelines, drugs database and truant providers