Dr Hemant Patel

  • MBBS with completion of internship- 1983
  • Fellow of college of general practitioner- 1991
  • DNB (general medicine part ii, written exam)- 2000
  • Diploma in YOGA (Mumbai University)
  • Over 5 years of training claims assessors and opinion on cases
  • House physician Pediatrics LTMMC, LTMG, Sion Hospital, Mumbai: 1983
  • House physician General Medicines, Sir HN Hospital Mumbai: 1984
  • Post graduation training fro DNB (General Medicine) with
  • Research officer in Gastroenterology, LTMMC, LTMG, Sion, Mumbai: 1984-1992
  • Clinical research associate, Division of Liver diseases, Bhaita General Hospital, Mumbai:2000-2003
  • Research Officer in Gastroenterology , LTMMC, LTMG, Sion, Mumbai, 2004-2005
Awards & Affiliations Guest editor of:
  • Specialty Issue, Gastroenterology, the Journal of General Practitioners, Greater Bombay. June 1998
  • Past President - Dadarmedicos Brotherhood
  • Ex-office bearer of GPA, Greater Bombay
  • Ex-office Bearer of IMA Mumbai Brach, HajiAli, Mumbai
  • Core Group Member- InCHES Health Foundation, Mumbai
Anchor - Moderator, Speaker, Organizer, Panelist at different lectures, conferences and teaching sessions organized by:
  • IMA, Mumbai Branch, Haji Ali, Mumbai
  • IMA West Suburban Branch, Vile Parle, Mumbai
  • GPA, Greater Bombay, Mumbai
  • Dadarmedicos Brotherhood, Mumbai
  • InCHES Health Foundation. Mumbai
  • National Liver Foundation
Papers, Presentation & Research Other articles:
  • Approach to Dyspepsia,"IMA Bulletin", Mumbai,
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome, "InCHES Companion"
  • Constipation, "InCHES Companion"
  • Procedures in Gastroenterology for general practitioners, Journal of GPA
  • Approach to hypertension, "InCHES Companion"
Research experience
  • Research officer Department of Gastroenterology at LTMMC, LTMG Hospital, Sion, Mumbai,1984-1992
  • Safety and efficacy of Interferon in patients with chronic hepatitis B and Chronic hepatitis C, through Shanta Biotech, Hyderabad, at Bhatia General Hospital Mumbai 2000-2002
  • Prospective randomized double blind phase III clinical study of NITAZOXANIDE compare to METRONIDAZOLE in the treatment of proptozoal infection caused by Entamoeba histolytica or Giardia lamblia or Cryptosporidium parvus, , through Apothecaries Clinical Research, Delhi Sep.2003
  • Usefulness of Perentral Rabiprazole in acute upper G.I. Bleed, LTMMC, LTMG Hospital, Sion, Mumbai
  • Comparative study on effect of Perindropil and Ramipril on hypertensive diabetic patients, through Serdia Pharma, 2004-2005