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Insurance Risk Management

Leveraging medical insights in underwriting & claims for effective insurance risk management

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Niche Services

INCHES is India's first enterprise offering value added services to insurance industry offering exclusive, customized, knowledge based inputs to the Insurance industry, encompassing product design, underwriting, claims, legal, medical audit, risk and compliance functions.


Risk Management

INCHES provides solutions towards Effective Risk Management. Current times are perhaps the most testing and thus call for higher industry collaboration. "Effective Risk Management is going to be the name of the game! Efficient Risk Management will be the road to fame!"


Effective Solutions

All products are designed to address client pain points and help deliver solutions towards loss containment and risk management.


Monetary Gain

INCHES products and services have helped save over 300 crores for insurance companies.


Medical Audit Expert

Pioneers in medical audit since 2000.


Tech Driven Solutions

Technology associated with expertise helps reach customers all across and deliver solutions within 2-3 hours while maintaining quality.


High End Analytics

INCHES analytic platforms provide proprietary tools for auto medical adjudications of claims.


Secured Solutions

All our solutions are delivered through highly secured platforms associated with internal norms and protocols to ensure data privacy.

Performance Indicators

Largest experience in Pvt Insurance Industry in India (till {{ performanceData.lastUpdatedDate }})

Largest experience in Pvt Insurance Industry in India

(Including life, health, motor, critical illness and opinions for cases at legal fora)

Underwriting Specific Medical Insights

Reports opined (Life)

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Reported red flags

Proposals evaluated for specific future risks (Health)

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Reported red flags

Turn Around Time

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Claims Audit
(Life, Health)

Claim cases analysed*

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Claim cases Audited

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Helped recover/ save, amount of Sum assured


Decision congruence

Turn Around Time

Medico Legal Opinions-Claims (Life, Health, Motor)

Client triggered claims opined, worth*

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Claims opined, worth



Helped recover/ save, amount of Sum assured


Decision congruence

Turn Around Time